Cloud Platform FAQ

What is Ardent Cloud Platform? Ardent_cloud-platform_diagram

It’s a thing, a big shiny glowy rainy thing! More specifically it’s 8-bit style cloud made of semi-translucent plastic, floating ( held aloft by a variable reach forklift ) lighting, lightning, thundering and of course raining on parades all over the playa

Are you funded?

Initial development has been bootstrapped from sources internal to Ardent Heavy Industries.

However full scale deployment will require securing an initial round of  funding.

You can help, support our Kick-starter  or check out our funding page

What can it do?

  • Circumnavigate the playa at 5mph
  • Extend up to 45′ in the air,
  • Mist on over heater burners
  • Rain on Parades
  • Flash lighting and  clap thunder storms
  • Offer local area wifi access
  • Host areal performances
  • Stream music
  • Offer a very limited number of people breathtaking views!

How do I work it?

An IOS device app can connect via wifi to initiate color sequences, rain, misting and even lightning and thunder.


Is it safe?

Absolutely!  All our Operators  are trained and carry a current certification for Class 7 (rough terrain) forklift, in compliance with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.178.

The platform itself  will be built on an ANSI/ITSDF B56.6-2011-8.24 compliant personnel platform, secured to the forklift and and operated in compliance with that statute, including personnel platform operations as described in section 5.15.

for further safety information check out our operational and design safety page!