Dance Dance Immolation

Oops.  Missed a step.

Dance Dance Revolution. With Flamethrowers. Pointed At You.

Dance Dance Immolation combines video games, music, and propane. You play DDR. A good performance wins you acclaim from flamethrowers. A missed step gets you a face full of fire! Yes, the fire is real. Put on a fireproof suit and give it a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

“What does this button do?” “How does fire work?” All these questions and more, answered for you!

Crew Members

It takes a village to light your ass on fire. Who are the people behind Dance Dance Immolation?

Photos and Videos

Additional visual stimulation.

History of Dance Dance Immolation

Or, “Just exactly how far will you go for a joke?”

Fire Safety Plan

The first question we’re almost always asked is, “Isn’t that dangerous?” Check out our Fire Safety Plan to see how serious we are about safety.