Cloud Platform Funding

Initial development has been bootstrapped from sources internal to Ardent Heavy Industries.

However we are currently  seeking an initial round of funding for full scale deployment.

We are looking to raise approximately $11,000 for full scale full feature development.


You can help!  Support  our Kickstarter


Goal $11,000


In kind donations

in addition to direct financial contributions, we are happy to accept relevant in kind donations, or loans

  • Sprinkler heads (3x)
  • Safety harnesses (3x)*
  • A honda 2kw generator or equivalent
  • 100 gallon food grade  water tank.
  • rated rigging hardware
  • a 8,000 to 10,000lbs rated variable reach forklift inspected and  safe working order*

* the following items could be on loan for the duration of the event, and returned in working order in september