2πr FAQ

2Ï€r in action
What is 2Ï€r?

2Ï€r is the formula describing the relationship between a circle’s circumference and its radius.

2Ï€r is also a highly-interactive piece of fire art. A small raised platform filled to the brim with sensing equipment watches you dance, and translates your movement to a ring of flame effects bursting into action all around you.

How do I work it?

Get up on the platform, and move your body! A ring of motion sensing equipment is installed towards the edge of the platform, which waits patiently for a loving air-caress from your arms, legs, or really whatever!

Is it safe?

Absolutely! We are in full compliance with the regulations for this sort of thing (NFPA160). If you’d like to investigate further, take a gander at our Fire Safety Plan.

Can anyone use it?

Essentially! We request that you be sober, but after that, we’re not picky.

Can kids play?

Yes! Unlike DDI, this is a project the whole family can enjoy firsthand… simultaneously!