2Ï€r Crew

Project concept & original team:

  • Nicole Aptekar – flame effects design, platform design, plumbing and fabrication, project management
  • Melissa Piercey – plumbing and fabrication, lead installation crew, stabilization design, fuel heating v2
  • Reed Kennedy – fuel heating, fabrication and wiring

Additional team members:

  • David Fine – control system v1
  • Sam Reese – hotwire ignition
  • Ian Baker – control system v2, flame effects design consultation
  • Matt Blackwell – flame effects design consultation
  • Lina Ariana & Andy Langlois – concept art
  • Chris “Krispy” Mahoney – platform design, tank heater consultation
  • Jacob Appelbaum – embedded computer
  • Peter Youngmeister – platform retrofit, project management
  • Ed “Rabbit” Hunsinger – platform retrofit, Smukfest rebuild, ignition system v3, several runs

Build Crew:

  • Lisa Allen
  • Ryan Todd
  • Jared SINGE
  • Audrey Penven – Stabilizer fabrication
  • Judit Pungor – Stabilizer fabrication

Run Team:

  • Chip Johnson
  • Veronica Fetzner
  • Heather Lynch
  • Leah Jones
  • J Andrew Lash

Special thanks to:

  • Justin Gray of Therm – system design consultation
  • The numerous volunteers from Camp DDI

Community support:

  • 2Ï€r is made possible in part by a grant from Burning Man. As an honorarium project for the year 2006, we were provided with essential funding and on-site support. The team would like to express our gratitude.