Help Us Put Fire in Syzygryd!

May 7th, 2010 Ed Hunsinger Posted in Syzygryd 36 Comments »

Syzygryd is in full swing these days, with software being written, controllers designed and ordered, giant pipes delivered, and testing of the fire tornado and flame effects. But our budget currently doesn’t cover all the fire we want in the sculpture! Oh no, what are we going to do?!? This is where you come in! We need your help to put fire in Syzygryd.

We’ve got a Kickstarter going that will help us pay for all the parts and some of the fuel to run at Burning Man this year. For your donation, you’ll receive all sorts of schwag, ranging from a sticker all the way up to your own private DDI or 2pir run! Also quite enticing is the chance to get your own personal flame effect built by us!

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Syzygryd Software Preview

January 30th, 2010 Ed Hunsinger Posted in Syzygryd 2,602 Comments »

A short video showing off our early software design for our latest project, Syzygryd.

The sequencer and the display layer are written in Processing, the iPods are running touchOSC by hexler, and the computer making the noise is running Ableton Live with Native Instruments’ Massive. We’re working on getting better sounds set up for it, now that we have the software generally functioning.

Thanks a ton to Audrey, Yosh, and Nicole for editing, and Ian for filming.

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Timescale Project Proposal Submitted

January 28th, 2009 Ed Hunsinger Posted in Timescale No Comments »

Morley with Timescale Proposal

Timescale is a new project from Ardent Heavy Industries, the not-fire-centric parent group to Interpretive Arson. Timescale is a journey through 4.57 billion years of planet Earth’s geological and biological evolution, extended across one mile (5280 feet) of open playa. Beginning with the formation of the Earth from a cloud of gas and dust, participants will traverse through time — advancing two million years with each footstep, culminating at the present day. Each chapter in Earth’s growth is highlighted along the way, allowing participants to appreciate the transformation of our planet and the exponential complexity of living things. Each chapter in Earth’s history will be a 6.5ft tall 8in x 8in column of concrete with art representative of that chapter inside.

The proposal for Timescale was recently submitted to the BMORG for funding. I’ll let Morley explain this unique proposal:

Hello fabulous beautiful creative people!

I’m very very excited to share with you the fruits of many weeks of devoted effort on the part of myself, Nicole, Ian, Star, Colin, Nina, Brody, Reed, Ramon, Ed, CTP, and countless friends and reviewers:

Last Thursday night, Nicole and I submitted the hard copy of our proposal at BMHQ. The hard copy, in this case, consisting of a 12″ concrete cube, hollow down the center, with a 52.8 ft long rope inside, marked out at 1/100 scale of the final project. The cube was finished top and bottom with mild steel plates, with the printed/bound proposal mounted atop the top plate under a piece of clear 1/4″ acrylic. And the whole heavy shebang was held in a lovely rope sling with wooden handles, fashioned by the ever-talented Ian.

Rocks and concrete and love,


Timescale Project Website


photos by Nicole

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