Fire Education

IA members teach classes and workshops on fire art and fire performance. Here’s a list of what we’ve taught in the past:

  • Basic Flame Effects, lecture: “Want to add fire to your art? Make your art car more noticeable, or just make drunk people go “Wooo!”? We’ll show you how! Class covers all aspects of making safe, effective, pretty flame effects, including examples. Emphasis on propane and the accumulator-type effect.”
    Taught at:

    • Burning Man 2006, by Ian Baker
    • FireDrums 2006, by Ian Baker
    • Burning Man 2007, by Ian Baker
    • FireDrums 2008, by Ian Baker
  • Poofer Workshop: “A hands-on workshop where we assemble an accumulator-type flame effect which generates 20’ high percussive propane flames.”
    Taught at:

    • Burning Man 2006, by Nicole Aptekar
    • Burning Man 2007, by Ian Baker
  • Ignition Systems: “You know how it’s really tricky to get propane to actually burn? Come take advantage of our three years of ignition systems research. We’ll discuss all aspects of propane ignition, including gas dynamics, pilot systems, arc, hot-wire, etc. Then we’ll strap a couple examples to a flame effect to see how they perform.”
    Taught at:

    • Burning Man 2007, by Chris Mahoney
  • Dance Dance Immolation Walkthrough: “Ever wonder how your favorite flaming video game works? Come by and we’ll show you all the pieces and how they go together. Hoses, wires, fireproof suits, the works!”
    Taught at:

    • Burning Man 2006, by DDI Crew
    • Burning Man 2007, by DDI Crew
  • Basic Flame Effects, workshop: A two-day workshop combining the material from the Basic Flame Effects lecture, the Poofer Workshop, the Ignition Systems class, and additional hands-on material.
    Taught at:

  • Fire Rope Dart: An eight-week course on the rope dart for fire performers.
    Taught at:

Got an idea for a class? Want someone to teach a workshop at your event? Contact us and let us know!

Want to learn to add fire to your art? We’ll be adding resources to this section soon. In the meantime, the best Internet fire art discussion forum is the Pyro tribe at

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