Finger electronics rebuild

March 18th, 2008 raindrift Posted in build, make, Projects, wearable 9 Comments »

I just spent the evening rebuilding the control system for the fire fingers. They’ll be much more reliable now (not that they had a problem before, but I was personally uncomfortable with the level of jank). I snapped a couple pics before closing up the box.

The fingers are a performance tool that hasn’t really been out much. There is, however, a photoset of Audrey using them to immolate her former uniform from the gelateria where she used to work. We’re hoping to use then at the Fire Ballet, if I can get the gloves to fit the performer.

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New 2πr Platform!

March 17th, 2008 nicole Posted in 2πr, 2pir, build, cad, make, Projects No Comments »

CAD by Nicole Aptekar
2pir Layered View

Recently, Sharp introduced new extra-long-range infrared proximity sensors that rock the house better, harder, faster, and yes, stronger than any sensors like it. We got a hold of a few for testing, and decided that it was a perfect opportunity to upgrade 2πr! But we didn’t want to simply hack them in to our current setup! With the experience we’ve gained from running 2πr at various events across the western US, we decided to go right back to the drawing board and rework the whole platform. It’s now shorter, sleeker, and incorporating a swanky design accent, as well as containing the glory of the new sensors.

The first step of a project like this is to draw it out, and recently at IA, we’ve taken to drawing everything out in CAD before buying any of the materials. This leads to a lot less waste, and helps to overcome some of the possible design challenges early on. As such, the last few weeks have had numerous meetings and work sessions to really hammer down what we want this thing to be.

I’m excited to share these images with everyone, so I’ve created a flickr set with all the various layers of the file separated out into individual images.


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