Help DDI Get a DDR!

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We built this thing called Dance Dance Immolation inspired by the ever popular game Dance Dance Revolution. We had to make all our own hardware, hack together the software, and basically build it from scratch. Now we have this awesome version complete with fire, but unfortunately that doesn’t work very well indoors. So we’ve been on the hunt for a Dance Dance Revolution machine for the last few years. Well, we found one, but now we need to raise the money for it.

As one of the Interpretive Arsonists that can’t play DDR (and subsequently DDI) worth anything, I’m personally asking for your help so that I can practice on DDR and then test DDI without getting shot in the face with fire so much.  Please use the donate button below to contribute to this cause.  Your dollars could help save my eyebrows some day.

If we don’t win this auction (please don’t bid against us!) then the donations will go into a “Get DDI a DDR” fund for a future purchase of a machine.  Thanks!

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3,759 Responses to “Help DDI Get a DDR!”

  1. They didn’t get the ebay one; but did find an awesome machine and still need $krilla$ so donate!

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