Dance Dance Immolation at Denmark’s Smukfest

DDI is Going to Smukfest - photo by Ed
DDI is Going to Smukfest - photo by Ed

This fall, Dance Dance Immolation will be having a special run. While we’re very used to running DDI on the desert, this August we’ll actually be running on water for the first time! In addition, we’ll also be running on the other side of the ocean! Dance Dance Immolation is getting a passport and is going to Denmark for Smukfest in our first international run.

Smukfest is a 5 day music festival set in the woods of Skanderborg, Denmark with headliners such as Kylie Minogue, Fatboy Slim, The Streets, Aqua, etc. The multi-stage festival is set amongst trees, so at the request of fire officials we will be running away from such flammable objects. The best place to run fire art? On a raft in a lake.  We’re looking forward to this unique run, and even moreso to the chance to convince Kylie Minogue to give the game a try so we can shoot her with fire while she dances to her own songs.

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