Interpretive Arson is Moving to NIMBY 2.0!

NIMBY 2.0 Layout

As we all know, the NIMBY we knew and love is no more. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Snook and crew are moving to a new space! We’ve decided to follow them into this awesome new space! *cheering* A mock-up of the new digs is above, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

There’s just one problem, NIMBY still needs to raise enough money to pay deposits on the new space. A large amount has already been raised, but we’re still not at the necessary goal to make this all happen. If you haven’t donated to support NIMBY yet, now is the time! Or if you’ve already donated, consider doing it again. Head over to and click on the Donate button. Every dollar helps, so don’t worry if you can only toss a couple bucks their way. Not only will you be helping a Bay Area institution continue operating, you’ll also be providing several Bay Area artists (i.e. Interpretive Arson) with a place to continue building, creating, and inventing plus a permanent place to install some of the large pieces currently hiding in warehouses. Donate now!

UPDATE: Here’s a layout of our potential new workspace done by Nicole.

Interpretive Arson NIMBY 2.0 Workshop

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