Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform Assembly

The Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform Here is a 3D rendering of the Cloud Exterior (via lee Dotson) CD rendering of the clouds shape Here is a CAD rendering of the platform's basic structure (via Ian Baker) Initial CAD of AMCP Platform   We're working furiously on the cloud's structure at American Steel Studios Starting first building a lift platform to OSHA spec, with a secure spot for the 100g water tank, then adding crane rigging points to the top, and aerialist rigging points to the bottom, a small truss to rig our JBL speaker to, and a cradle for our generator.   Next steps for the Cloud build and install plumbing for sprinkler and mister rigging for the strobes, and an assembly for the LED's build the lighting arrays   For the base We're collecting measurements from VFRs in our range, and working out the core extensible framework for the hill Next steps for the base: Figure out how the skirt attaches to the framework, and domes for the wheels. Design Flowers & Flower illumination    

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