Dance Dance Immolation is Shipped!

June 5th, 2009 Ed Hunsinger Posted in Dance Dance Immolation, Interpretive Arson 2,147 Comments »

Last night we finished up all the packing and bracing of DDI in the container and shut the doors on a long couple weeks of work. Next time we see DDI we’ll be in Denmark for Smukfest!

Since this will be Interpretive Arson’s first oversea voyage, the container had to be christened. Jonathan had the honor of smashing the ceremonial champagne (a bottle from 1995 celebrating the release of Adobe Pagemaker 6) across the “bow”.

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Donating Zivity Votes to Interpretive Arson

April 9th, 2009 Ed Hunsinger Posted in Dance Dance Immolation, Interpretive Arson No Comments »

O Fortuna

One of DDI’s friends, Jessica Palopoli (better known as Icka to us), is an amazing photographer who produces incredible sets for Zivity.  She recently did a photo shoot with Cyan Banister, the founder of Zivity.  Jessica writes:

In keeping with the Zivity philosophy of supporting the art you love, I am donating my set royalties to Interpretive Arson, aka the creative minds behind Dance Dance Immolation and 2pir. If you’ve attended Burning Man over the past few years, or visited a recent Fire Arts Festival, you’ve likely witnessed these gorgeous creations. I photographed DDI a few years ago at NIMBY, and intend to participate at their next event.

Zivity is a site for artists and models where you can vote on each set. Each vote means royalties to the artist and model. If you haven’t checked out Zivity, you can sign up for a free trial and you get one free vote every month. We suggest you vote for Cyan and Icka’s set (NSFW).

Thank you Icka!

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