Fire Ballet!

April 15th, 2008 raindrift Posted in Appearances, crucible, culture, Events, wearable 1 Comment »

The Crucible’s Fire Ballet is going! It’s great! You should go! I made the crazy fire fingers and fire tutu, and you can look for me on stage too (I’ll be the one with the rope).

The official website is a good place for tickets.

These photos by Lane Hartwell are amazing, and you should go look at them.

The East Bay Express has an article. Note, however, that my name is not Ian Hunter.


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Solving a fire deficiency

March 3rd, 2008 nicole Posted in culture, fire jam No Comments »

Picture by Evan Dudley
Picture by Evan Dudley
Sometimes even those of us in Interpretive Arson can forget the importance of keeping a healthy heaping of fire in your diet. We recently recognized this and held an impromptu fire jam at our studio space in scenic West Oakland, CA. Assembled among us were probably 40% of the fire dart practitioners in the bay area, five staff aficionados, and too many poi spinners to count. A fire barrel blazed through the night as we practiced our moves. Evan Dudley was on hand to photograph the occasion, and has posted a set on flickr here.

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