Introducing the Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform

June 28th, 2013 admin Posted in Appearances, Interpretive Arson 101 Comments »

In 2013, everything’s going mobile and smart companies are turning to the cloud for their mission critical infrastructure. Here at Ardent Heavy Industries, we’re taking it to the next level, introducing the Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform…

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Photos Of Dance Dance Immolation at Smukfest

October 21st, 2009 admin Posted in Appearances, Dance Dance Immolation, Events 2,850 Comments »

Shooting the inspector
photo of inspector getting shot by Ed Hunsinger

There was quite a bit of photos and video taken of Dance Dance Immolation while we were in Denmark for Smukfest earlier this year.
Allan, the Skanderborg Festival Photographer, got some great shots of DDI during our run in Denmark at Smukfest. I highly recommend viewing the panorama shots on a wide screen monitor:

There’s also pictures of DDI and Interpretive Arson’s Danish adventures from Ian:

As well as Ed:

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We’re On Danish Television!

August 13th, 2009 Ed Hunsinger Posted in Appearances, Dance Dance Immolation 31 Comments »

Fast forward to the 7:50 mark in order to see the section on Dance Dance Immolation at Smukfest.

Unfortunately most of the video is in Danish, so we have no idea what they’re saying…

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