2pir at Smukfest 2010 a Success!

Sunset on the dock

It’s been almost two months since Smukfest and still no update on the blog. Wondering why? It’s because everyone has been incredibly busy with Syzygryd, Burning Man, and the aftermath of the annual excursion. But for those wondering how 2pir and Smukfest went: It was awesome.

Panorama from the 2pir platform

2pir ran so well raised 10 feet in the air that we’re looking into how to do this for every run. It really changes the dynamic of the piece and not only makes it easier to run but more fun for the participants as well. Just like our normal 2pir runs, we let anyone from the audience up on the stage to dance and play with the fire. What was a little bit different this run was that we had actually scheduled and rehearsed performances. We had a belly dancer as well as several break dancers who impressed the crowd before we opened it up to the general audience. We even managed to incorporate the Top Gun Theme. And of course the crew had way too much fun themselves, whether it was Mustache Night, suiting up in the Faraday suits, letting kids play with fire, freezing tanks, or digging around in Danish scrap yards.

Mike sets up flame effects

Another difference from our normal runs was that we shared the spotlight with two other pieces. We alternated between 2pir, Omega Recoil and Boreus Hyemalis over the course of the night, blowing the Danes’ minds with Zap, Burn, and Crush. All in all it was a great run. And now 2pir is back in storage, waiting for the next run.

For a bunch of pictures and videos check out:
Ed’s Flickr Set
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