Dance Dance Immolation Lives on April 25th!

How To Destroy the Universe Part 6

That’s right, we’re pulling Dance Dance Immolation off the shelf, dusting off the playa and bringing it back to life just in time to Destroy the Universe!

If you already have plans for April 25th, blow them off. Great, since you don’t have plans we’re making them for you. Come out to the new NIMBY on Saturday the 25th and join us for How To Destroy the Universe Part 6. We’re taking part in a gluttonous rampage of Transgressive “Industrial Culture” to celebrate the Impact of THROBBING GRISTLE. We know, it’s a little bit of a departure from the happy hardcore rave-y kind of experience we normally do, but who said we were never open to a little experimentation? We’ll be there with a mob of other artists, musicians, and large art pieces. For more information on who as well as details on the entire 4 day celebration of “Industrial Culture” check out

What: Dance Dance Immolation
Where: NIMBY8410 Amelia St, East Oakland, CA
When: Saturday. April 25th 5pm – ?

Take note! If everything goes to plan, it’s entirely possible that this may be the only time this year that Dance Dance Immolation runs on this continent. So don’t miss your chance to get blasted in the face with fire!

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