NIMBY closes down, looks for new space and donations

NIMBY - Oakland, CA - April 1, 2004 - Sept 11, 2008
NIMBY - Oakland, CA - April 1, 2004 - Sept 11, 2008

Interpretive Arson has called NIMBY, a dirty but lovable warehouse in East Oakland, home for several years. We built the DDI and 2pir you know and love in this space. We spent many late nights testing equipment, welding, grinding, and working here. We ran our last Media Event here even. NIMBY is a place that has provided a lot to Interpretive Arson over the years. Unfortunately it is no more.

On September 10th, a fire broke out in one of the containers early in the morning. While several NIMBY tenants who happened to be around made a valiant effort to contain the blaze, the Oakland Fire Department was eventually called to extinguish the fire. The large majority of NIMBY was untouched by the fire, but the Oakland Fire Department was required to investigate the cause of the fire (determined to be an unattended candle by the OFD) and the conditions of the work space. While the inspectors and firefighters loved everything that was being built at NIMBY, they were unfortunately forced to close the space due to multiple code violations.

The City of Oakland supports our art and feels strongly that artist spaces like NIMBY should continue. They are doing everything they can to help find a new space for the displaced tenants of NIMBY that is up to code. Snook, the founder and manager of NIMBY, has already looked at several potential spaces for the new NIMBY.

We have until the end of December to get everything moved out of NIMBY, which is no small feat if you’ve see what all is stored there. But on top of the actual physical labor, the cost of moving everything is staggering. NIMBY has put a call out to the community for donations. Please take a moment to think about the things (and fundraisers) that you’ve seen and experienced thanks to NIMBY existing. It may have been at Burning Man, or Maker Faire, or Coachella, or any number of other events around the Bay Area. All of the following pieces and art groups at one time called NIMBY home:

  • Dance Dance Immolation
  • 2pir
  • Steampunk Treehouse
  • Kinetic Steam Works
  • The Apocalypse Stagecoach
  • Simnuke
  • Therm
  • Carthedral
  • So, if you have a few bucks that you can spare, please donate via Paypal to or the form below.

    More info on the status of things can be found on NIMBY’s blog and Twitter.

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